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Student Profiles for the 2017 John Pirelli Italian American Scholarship Awards

Danielle Ruffolo is a junior majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at UD with a 3.68 GPA. She invented the Epi friend (a way to have an EPI pen with you at all times) She has been gifted with strengthens in leadership, creativity, and innovation, and hopes she can use these skills across her entire career. In the short-term, she hopes to pursue a marketing or business position in Italy this summer.

Danielle is a member of the UD Varsity Women's Soccer Team, Student Athletic Advisory Committee Vice President, Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity and Campus Ministry. She also created and successfully marketed the Handy Hat on campus.

Adrienne Freccero has an outstanding academic record from Centerville High School and she writes extremely well in describing her Italian family. For example

“I know that my great grandfather came to this country over a century ago with only his leather shoes, a fighting spirit, and a killer meatball recipe. Today his grandsons are a math teacher, a Yale graduate and a military orthopedic surgeon. And they all possess that classic Italian disposition to road rage and affinity for garlic and cheese.”

Adrienne is a nationally recognized Academic Decathlete; she has studied Latin for 5 years achieving both a perfect score and a silver medal for the National Latin Exams (a strong foundation for learning Italian), and has set her sights on various internship and exchange opportunities at universities in Italy.

Kierstyn Avery: Italian family names: her great, great grandmother Benedetta Magno (‘noni’) by marriage an Anthony Cafaro, and maternal grandmother is Teresa Cafaro

An honor student from Greenon High School, Kierstyn was participant in National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Student Council as class treasurer, Varsity Basketball and other activities, currently enrolled in the Nursing program at Wright State.

She is determined to learn more about her Italian heritage (“It means everything to me; it is part of who I am”). Her career goal is to become a Pediatric Cardiology Nurse and eventually a Nurse Practitioner for Pediatrics as well.

Donovan Rudi Cellupica-Towers is a junior Accountancy major at Wright State. He’s played tennis ever since age 5 and currently enjoys playing for Wright State at Division I level.

Donovan’s grandfather was born in Italy and moved to the UK for work in the 1950’s, eventually moving back to Frosinone, Italy. His mother (who currently lives in the UK which is where Donovan was born plans to move back to Italy after she retires) and she has always tried to keep the family involved in Italian culture. Hence, Donovan has been to Italy almost every year since he was born.

He says “We go to stay with my grandparents and make sure to visit all of my cousins and aunties and uncles, and also travel around Italy when possible.”

Donovan says his main goal “is to get to a point where I can feel proud to say I have a strong loving family that I am able to support with my career. “

Antonia Rancurello is completing a Religious Studies bachelor’s degree maintaining a 4.0 average at Wright State. Her interests are in teaching religion secularly, or attending a theological seminary with the goal of becoming a chaplain.

Antonia’s Italian family originated in Sicily and in San Damiano Macra, a mountain village near Torino. She is very proud of her Italian heritage; even chose to keep her Italian last name when she got married . She has been teaching herself Italian recipes, watching Italian films, attending the Italian Fall Festa and asked her Italian professor to sponsor her membership in the Sons of Italy.

On a sad note, the grandfather she never knew but who has been a source of inspiration for her died in 1972. He was her namesake…Antos C. Rancurello, a professor of psychology at the University of Dayton for nearly 20 years.

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